Dance is not just a hobby or passion–it’s a lifestyle

It’s also a good workout.

In addition to unleashing creativity, dance is a way to alleviate daily stresses and bring happiness to those who embrace it.  Dance is an escape from reality; you can lose yourself in the music & movement.

It’s never too late to benefit from dancing, and you don’t have to be a professional to reap its rewards.

Enrolling in dance classes after work is a great way to incorporate dancing into your life. Soon, you can be dancing down the pathway to happiness.

Psychology Today says dancing makes you happier than working out the gym or going for a run. A study conducted at the University of London involved patients dealing with anxiety disorders. Patients dedicated time to one of the following therapeutic environments: an exercise class, a dance class, a math class, or a music class.

Out of all the activities, the dance class was the one environment that reduced anxiety a significant amount.

Another benefit of dancing frequently is that it stimulates the mind and sharpens cognitive skills at every age. Dancing stimulates different brain activities at the same time, including emotional, rational, kinesthetic, and musical. This increases the way your brain functions in a positive way.

So—dancing is a fun activity with a wealth of health benefits that keeps us in shape, makes us feel good, and makes us smarter! What could be better than that?