VANTANGO:  Spring-A-Ding-Ding

MAY 3-5, 2024

Victoria Drive Community Hall

2026 E 43rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC

(Victoria Drive at 43rd Avenue) 


You may want to bring along a notebook to record items the teachers suggest specifically for you and your tango practice.  There will be light snacks every evening, but no alcohol will be served.


Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo

Francisco Forquera & Maria Ceva

Analia Centurion & Leonardo Sardella


Seattle based bandoneonist Ben Thomas started playing bandoneon in 2006, traveling to Argentina and working with tango musicians from across the world. He was guest artist with the Eugene Opera in 2018 as the bandoneon soloist for Piazzolla’s “Maria de Buenos Aires.” He tours regularly with the Atlas Tango Project and can be heard on their most recent album, “Estaciones y Sueños.” Thomas explores both traditional tango and how it continues to grow as it encounters new times and new influences. Following the lead of some of the leaders of the current scene in Buenos Aires, such as Diego Schissi and Exequiel Mantega, Thomas builds pieces combining rhythmic intensity with lush harmonies, whimsy, and an emphasis on storytelling.
Pianist Gabe Hall-Rodrigues is a Seattle based accordionist, pianist, vocalist, and composer.
He received his Master’s Degree in Jazz Piano Performance from Arizona State University.
In 2019, he won 2nd place in the International Open category at the largest accordion competition in the world, The Trophee Mondial in Loule, Portugal.  Gabe co-leads the Brazilian forro group Foleada and has toured around the country with his accordion-based project, Creosote.

Together, they are the

Ben Thomas/Gabe Hall-Rodrigues Tango Duet


This festival is designed to give you full days of learning with shorter, earlier social dancing at night to give you time to practice, rest, and recuperate.  We don’t want to kill you–we want to give you the best experience we can!  Each day is a long day of workshops, but we didn’t want to schedule workshops against each other.  This way, you can take them all if you want.  We hope you do!

We have allowed 15 minutes after each workshop for you to use the restroom, change shoes, have a drink, and chat.  Please respect the teachers by being ready on time.

Friday, May 3

Workshop #1: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm • Analia & Leonardo • Secuencias combinadas con caminatas y paradas (sequences with walks & stops)

 Workshop #2: 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm • Francisco & Maria • Creativity & improvisation with tango elements

Workshop #3: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm • Miriam & Leonardo • Corte versus planeo (lead & styling)

Workshop #4: 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm • Analia & Leonardo • Variaciones de rebotes y sacadas (rebounds & sacadas)

Workshop #5:  4:30 pm – 5:30 pm • Francisco & Maria • Giros & enrosques

Workshop #6:  5:45 pm – 6:45 pm • Miriam & Leonardo • Paradas, pasadas, & embellishments

Milonga with Live band, The Ben Thomas/Gabe Hall-Rodrigues Tango Duet from Seattle:  8:00 pm – 10:45 pm • DJ Doug Brons

Saturday, May 4

Workshop #7:  11:30 am – 12:30 pm • Miriam & Leonardo • Enrosques for leaders & followers • Intermediate and up

Workshop #8:  12:45 pm – 1:45 pm • Francisco & Maria • Transitions in shared figures

Workshop #9:  2:00 pm – 3:00 pm • Analia & Leonardo • Combinaciones con barridas (combinations of sweeps)

Workshop #10:  3:15 pm – 4:15 pm • Miriam & Leonardo • The science of embellishments:  Leaders, how to lead them; Followers, tips to make time for them • Intermediate level

Workshop #11:  4:30 pm – 5:30 pm • Francisco & Maria • Space management while dancing & navigation on the dance floor

Workshop #12:  5:45 pm – 6:45 pm • Analia & Leonardo • Sequences with boles (both roles)

Milonga with performances:  8:00 pm – 10:45 pm • DJ Gabriel and DJ Humberto

Sunday, May 5

Workshop #13:  11:30 am – 12:30 pm • Francisco & Maria • Barridas & sacadas

Workshop #14:  12:45 pm – 1:45 pm • Analia & Leonardo • Milonga rhythms

Workshop #15:  2:00 pm – 3:00 pm • Miriam & Leonardo • Rotating colgadas for social dancing • Intermediate and up

Workshop #16:  3:15 pm – 4:15 pm • Francisco & Maria • Tango Fantasia

Workshop #17:  4:30 pm – 5:30 pm • Analia & Leonardo • Pasos en cadena para Vals (chain steps for Waltz)

Workshop #18:  5:45 pm – 6:45 pm • Miriam & Leonardo • Giros from back sacadas • Intermediate and up

Practica:  7:30 pm – 10:00 pm • Teachers will attend • DJ Susana

PRICES:  Per Person

Full Pass:  $300  All workshops, practica, milongas + performances (best savings here!)

Friday Day:  $160  (includes milonga with live band)

Saturday Day:  $160 (includes milonga + show)

Sunday Day:  $130 (includes practica)

Friday Milonga with live band only:  $35

Saturday Milonga + show only:  $35

Sunday Practica only:  $20

Individual workshop:  $35 ea


Beautiful Victoria Drive Community Hall

2026 E 43rd Avenue (Victoria Drive at 43rd Avenue)

Parking on Victoria Drive and on side streets–please be aware of parking restrictions


Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo

  • TONY AWARD winner for Best Choreography (Miriam Larici 1997-1998)
  • Broadway hit “Forever Tango” stars (Miriam 1990 to 2000 – Leonardo 2007 to 2008)
  • FOX & BBC “So You Think You Can Dance” Current Tango Choreographers Since 2009
  • NBC “Superstars of Dance” Champions 2009
  • ABC “Dancing with the Stars” Tango Choreographers 2011/12/13/16/17/19/23
  • NBC “America’s Got Talent” Guest Performers 2012
  • UNIVISION “Latin GRAMMY Awards” Guest Performers 2014 & 2017
  • Stars of CHASE BANK TV Commercial 2015/16/17
  • Co-Stars of ABC TV Series “The Catch” 2016
  • Miriam & Leonardo are both from Argentina. Trained in Ballet, Jazz, and both Stage and Social ARGENTINE TANGO.
  • Miriam is Famous as the iconic image of The Broadway-London hit “Forever Tango”
  • She has performed as well in several Broadway Musicals such as “42nd ST”, “Me & My Girl”, and “Mambo Kings”.
  • Leonardo was featured in the Stage Production “Forever Tango”
  • He also appeared at the most prestigious Tango Houses in Buenos Aires, performing, directing, and choreographing for their Spectacular Shows.
  • Miriam & Leonardo’s Productions:
    “Los Angeles de Tango Festival”
    “Los Angeles de Tango Cruise”
    Owners of “Celebration Dance Studio” in Tustin, CA
  • They have an international reputation as instructors, performers, and choreographers of Argentine Tango; now they share their mastery, passion, and magic.
  • Together, Miriam & Leonardo are featured as Stars in countless Tango Festivals, Competitions, and shows every year and are considered one of the top Tango Couples in the World.

Francisco Forquera

  • Francisco’s training as a dancer began at the Ballet Folklorico of Guaymallen in 1989.
  • His debut as a tango dancer was in 1996 with “Tango y Tango” at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in New York.
  • Between 2001 and 2005, he was cast in the successful Broadway show, “Forever Tango”.
  • In September of 2009, he created, with his then partner, “Compañía Mestizaje Tango,” where he acted as choreographer and director, work he continues to do at shows like “Locura Tanguera.”
  • Francisco tours the world teaching and doing exhibitions in the United States, Russia, Croatia, Germany, Uruguay, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, France, Canada, Romania, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Martinique, El Salvador, Australia, Turkey, Japan, Portugal, and more.
  • He participates in various international tango festivals in Europe, South America, North America, and Asia, “Tango Fantástico”; Belleayre Music Festival (1998); “Let’s Tango,” Colorado Dance Festival (2001); “New York City Summer Tango Festival” (2004); “Stowe Tango Festival” (2005); “Tokio Tango Festival” (2005); “Florianopolis Tango Festival” (2009); “Seoul Tango Festival” (2010); “Taipei Tango Festival” (2010); “Opatjia Tango Festival” (2011); “Festival Uberlandia”; “Udi Tango 2”; “Planetango” (Moscu, 2012); “Tangoesia”(2011); “International Tango Festival Toulouse”; “Kyoto Tango Festival.”
  • In addition to this, he continues to teach and perform in Argentina, where he also coaches dance couples for the Mundial de Tango (Tango Championships) held every year in Buenos Aires; he is also a judge at various editions of the championship. He produced the “Tango Esencia Festival” in Buenos Aires from 2017 to 2019. He performed “El Abrazo del Tango y el Flamenco” at the Buenos Aires Opera House, Teatro Colon on February 17th of 2019.
  • In October of 2019, the ambassador of Argentina in Beijing named Mr. Forquera as ambassador of tango and director of the tango school in “ Carlos Gardel” in China.
  • His dance style and interpretation lends a characteristic elegance and presence unique to his walk, together with the development of new ways in the tango salon and stage styles while always being truthful to the essence of tango.

Analia Centurion

  • Analía Centurión is an internationally renowned tango dancer and master. From the tender age of six, in Buenos Aires, her studies included piano and classical ballet.
  • She started dancing Argentine Tango in 1995. Two years later, she became a tango champion in the most prestigious youth competitions in the province of Buenos Aires (1997).
  • Her career includes dancing with the companies of Juan Carlos Copes 2004, Mora Godoy 2007, and the great Mariano Mores 1998, and in some of the most famous Tango Dinner Shows in Buenos Aires: Piazzolla Tango Show, Madero Tango Show, La Ventana Dinner Tango Show, La Cumparcita tango Show ( director Luis Bravo Forever Tango), and many more.
  • In Buenos Aires, she learned with great milongueros like Mingo Pugliese, Puppy Castello, and Gerardo Portalea. Performing in the most famous milongas: La Baldosa, El Parakultural, Sunderland Club, etc., she also studied and graduated from the Styles of Argentine Tango Academy, 2004.
  • Her artistry gained recognition in magazines like The New Yorker and was news nine times in the New York Times.
  • As a teacher, she has participated in numerous international tango festivals and academies: London, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sydney, Las Vegas,  Argentina’s Dancing with the Stars, Jakarta Festival, Cebu Tango Festival,
  • Japan, Canadá, Istanbul, Italy, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Greece, Baltic Nations, Stockholm, and USA.
  • She is the organizer of the Tango Festival in Buenos Aires “Siga el Baile Deluxe”.
  • She was a dancer in LA OPERA MARIA DE BUENOS AIRES IN NYC (OCT, 2018) AND ATLANTA OPERA (APRIL 2019), as well as New Word Symphony, Miami, Florida, 2022.
  • She is a juror at tango festivals with competitions at LAX, Colombia (Bogotá, Medellín), Philippines Cebu Tango Festival 2023 / 2024, USA OFFICIAL CHAMPIONSHIP & FESTIVAL PRELIMINARY OF TANGO BA DANCE WORLD CUP (USA), and Metropolitano in Buenos Aires and World Cup qualifiers.
  • At present, Analía directs and authors the online Tango Academy «Tango Centurión» exclusively for women (female technique and tips blog for women), in Spanish and English.
  • She in author of the new tango book (non-fiction and program style) SHINE IN YOUR TANGO for followers.

Maria Ceva

  • Maria started dancing at the age of 6, training in ballet.
  • By the age of 17, she won several ballet competitions in Buenos Aires. 
  • At the age of 18, she started training in different styles, including tango. 
  • She was part of the Buenos Aires production of “The Phantom of the Opera” and other musical productions in Buenos Aires theaters and TV shows. 
  • In New York, she continues to further her dance career performing and competing. 
  • She started dancing with Francisco Forquera in May of 2023; since then they have been touring in the US, Europe, and Asia. 

Leonardo Sardella

  • Leonardo Sardella started dancing tango professionally in his hometown of Buenos Aires. He has trained with renowned tango instructors.
  • Leonardo has performed on the best stages in Argentina with several dance companies, Colon Theatre and Cervantes Theatre, among others.
  • He moved to New York City in 2011, when he co-founded with Walter Perez, Malevaje Dance Company; and later Friends of Argentine Tango, a non-profit organization that brings shows and classes to seniors and schools kids, working with City Center and performing for the schools at the City Center stage.
  • Leonardo has participated in International Tango festivals worldwide and has performed and DJed in major cities in the United States and in England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bolivia, and Argentina.
  • He ranks very high on the list of the most important Argentine tango dancers and DJs in the world that are capable of exchanging smoothly and creatively the roles of leader and follower.
  • He worked as a juror for the Argentine Tango World Cup and other dance competitions.
  • Leonardo was the choreographer of Male Tango (IATI theatre), which was recognized with two HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors) awards: (Outstanding performance in musical theater: Leonardo Sardella and Outstanding Musical production, and Two Latin ACE Awards (Asociación de Cronistas de Espectáculos de NY) nominations (Best Director – Best Choreographer).
  • For the last two years he was also part of Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing – teaching and performing with renowned Argentine electronic tango band Tanghetto and the típica Messies.
  • He recently opened and directs the NYCity Tango School, in the heart of NYC.
  • Alistair Macauley of the New York Times said regarding his dance:  “Elegance, musicality, romance, wit, and serious glamor.”

VIDEOS of Analía & Leonardo:

Miriam & Leonardo

One-to-one (one instructor to one person or one couple)

  • 1 Class, 1 hour = $155 US (30 minutes Miriam, 30 minutes Leonardo)
  • 2 Classes, 1 hour each = $290 US (half Miriam, half Leonardo)
  • 1 Class, 45 minutes = $115 US (half Miriam, half Leonardo)

M & L (two instructors)

  • 1 Class, 1 hour = $175 US
  • 1 Class, 2 hours = $330 US
  • 1 Class, 45 minutes = $130 US

Please make payments in advance.  Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the class.

Bookings:  [email protected]

Payments:  Venmo @MiriamLeonardo-Tango; Zelle [email protected]; credit card (2.5% fee charged), cash

Francisco & Maria

Private lessons with two teachers

  • 1 hour US$ 175
  • 2 hours US$ 300
  • 45min US$ 130

Please make payment in advance to @Maria-Ceva

Cancellations must be received 24 hours before the scheduled class

Analia & Leonardo 

Two teachers, one person or one couple

  • 1 Class, 1 hour = $175 US
  • 45 minutes = $120 US
  • 3 hours 30 minutes = $330 US

Bookings:  WhatsApp Analia +1 415 489 8493 or Leonardo +1 646 669 4652

or email [email protected]

Payments:  Please make payments in advance; cancellations must be 24 hours before class.


  • Limited capacity per venue limits
  • We will attempt to balance roles, but cannot guarantee it
  • Workshops are suitable for all levels except when indicated otherwise
  • No refunds but transferable up to one week before the event
  • Prices in CAD + taxes except privates as indicated
  • Please respect teachers by arriving 15 minutes before each workshop
  • Please observe tango etiquette
  • Follow the line of dance
  • Be aware of your space and don’t intrude on others
  • Move while music is playing to keep the flow of the dance